About Me.


Who am I?

I am The Short Fellow.

I am a man from the part of the world called Liverpool.

In that part of the world I live with my girlfriend. My girlfriend definitely exists.

I am 31 years of age.

My hobbies include, drinking tea, reading and worrying about my future.

I currently work in a call centre. I hate every second of it.

Why do I have a blog?

I should say it’s because I want to share my life/creativity with the world, but secretly I’m hoping this will prove very lucrative and I will be able to leave my dreaded call centre job.

I’m in this for the money.

Why Should You Keep On Reading?

Because I’m funny.

Because I’m neurotic.

Because you have run out of things to say to your loved ones and need something to fill the void.

Where Can You Give Me Your Money?

I’m working on it.

Thank you. Goodbye.